Tissue & CellChips

  • Larger tissue sections provide more information than conventional arrays.
  • Can be customized with functional arrangements (cancer tissues, CNS tissues, normal and with disease tissues, etc.).
  • Donor annotation with selected tissues.
  • IHC antigenicity validated with antibody cocktail.
  • H&E provided with data grid.
  • Serial sections available, or you can purchase the block.
  • Maximum 6-8 tissues or cell lines per Chip.

Contact an ABS project manager to order your TissueChips or CellChips: 1-800-391-2391.

Customized tissue (or cell) arrangements are based on your study needs (i.e. CNS-specific; metabolism-specific; cell lines; cell lines in log or quiescent phases of growth, etc.).

You can send us your tissues, or we can obtain human/rodent, normal/diseased tissues for you.