Target Distribution/Validation

Target Distribution

  • Localization of your protein target of interest in tissues or cells.
  • Customized to your needs.
  • Normal/diseased; human/animal; tissues/cell lines.
  • You provide tissues/cells/antibodies or we can provide.
  • We will provide an excel spreadsheet of the distribution of your protein target in cell types within tissues with a semi-quantitative assessment.
  • Drug target distribution can suggest potential therapeutic utility or undesirable toxicity.
  • If present in off-tissue targets, then you should follow-up with additional assay validation; such information could present off-target toxicity.

Final report includes a table of tissue types and cell types wtih a scoring system for labeling intensity as well as representative images.

Target Validation (Phase 0)

  • Based on your indication, is your target present in those specific human tissues and cell types (Phase 0 study)?
  • Do you need to validate the presence of your target beyond published literature?
  • Is it present or up-regulated in diseased tissues? And, in what cell types?
  • For example, are inflammatory cells associated with adipocytes in tissues from obese human subjects?
  • Is your target present in the beta-cells in pancreatic tissues from diabetic human subjects?

Indicate to us your tissues of interest, subject criteria, sample size, etc. and we will probe them with the marker(s) of interest.

Target Expression

  • Need to assess changes in target expression (i.e. physphorylation state of your target protein)?
  • We use image analysis to assess the intensity of immunolabeling under controlled conditions.