Partnership with Analytical Biological Services

ABS is at the forefront of providing custom bioreagents (e.g., RNA, proteins, and cell membrane fractions), cell cultures services, and human tissues for drug discovery and biomarkers research. ABS is an extension labs at many bioscience companies throughout the world, with over 20 years’ successful experience and expertise. We make the difficult path to discovery easier, shorter, and more cost-effective.

For biomarker discovery, drug target validation, and drug development, ABS provides high quality human tissues and blood, human RNA, proteins along with clinical data. ABS has partnered with Slidomics to provide highly quality immunohistochemistry(IHC) services. Together, ABS and Slidomics can provide you with high quality human tissues (normal and diseased) and sophisticated IHC studies for your research.

Please contact ABS ( either by phone at (800) 391-2391 or +1 (302) 654-4492 (worldwide) or via email at to see how we can work for you.