We have:

  • over 30 years of scientific experience.
  • basic, clinical, pharmaceutical and commercial applications.
  • applications of histological methods to support discoveries, pre-clinical disease model validation, development of in vitro assays and the advancement of experimental compounds.
  • broad-based histopathological background spanning several physiologic and therapeutic areas.
    • central and peripheral nervous system
    • oncology
    • cardiovascular
    • metabolism
    • analgesia
    • enterology
    • inflammation
    • reproductive medicine. 

Over 100 scientific publications using these histological methods including tissue- and cell-labeling examples worthy of several journal covers.  

We have over 20 years of immunohistochemistry (IHC) experience and continue to support pharmaceutical early and late stage programs, commercial as well as academic projects.

In addition to Drug Discovery and Basic Sciences Research, Slidomics also has experience in the Pre-Clinical & Translational Medicine areas that concern toxicological investigations as well as the validation of biomarker protein targets in tissue biopsies for clinical evaluations.