Studies on Slides: We provide comprehensive analyses of tissues or cells on slides to provide additional information for your decision-making opportunities.  

After many years of experience supporting a wide variety of Drug Discovery programs and toxicological studies including drug, protein target and biomarker discovery, characterization and validation, we now can offer these services to support your studies as your contract research organization (CRO).

Advanced Histological Applications:  We help you address your project needs.
•What is the distribution of your protein target in normal or diseased, human or animal tissues?
•Does your drug/compound affect the density of inflammatory cells as a biomarker in the adipose tissues,  or in synovial membrane tissues, etc.?
•How is cell proliferation, as an efficacy biomarker, affected by your compound in your target tissues?

All proposals include competitive pricing, aggressive turn-around time schedule and a comprehensive reporting package (manuscript-style report with representative images, statistics (if applied). 

In partnership with Analytical Biological Services, Inc., we can help you validate the presence of your protein target in normal and diseased human tissues (Phase 0 study) customized for your program.

We also specialize in the construction TissueChips and CellChips an innovative alternative to the traditional tissue arrays. 

Slidomics, LLC was founded in 2008; backed with over 30 years of advanced histological experience providing Advanced Histological Applications.